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Armour for the Ladies.

Well i haven't posted in a while and this is one of the reasons why:
I have been busy making a steel corset for a very dear friend of mine wyte_phantom.
She has been after one of these things for years and we decided to collaborate on this project so she could have it ready for the recent Whitby gothic weekend.

Tho whole design and pattern was made by wyte_phantom who also helped me out with the very laborious task of cutting and filing out all the intricate design work on the main panels.
The whole thing was made from 16 gauge sheet steel and it took about a day to just get the basic shape right, as it had to be a very close fit to the body.

This shows the main panels after the basic shaping has been done and you can see the start of the cut out work on the front and one side panel.

This is the front and two side panels after all the cut out work was done and prior to final assembly.

After assembly and ready to lace up.

She also required a certain style of "fan" so this one had blades made from very fine spring steel and the two end plates are just off cuts from the corset.
wyte_phantom provided all the lace and sewed it all on.

This is the whole outfit together at the Whitby event.

Hope it has been of interest to you, if you want some more pictures i have included a few more on my own journal posting.

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