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The Forge of Valhalla

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Welcome to the Forge of Valhalla!

I hope ye like what ye see. This be a place about makin' swords, armor, and anything else that can be made useful through the smithin' process. We warriors of Valhalla always like a keen edge to our swords, and though the battle scars on our armor do us honor, we like to keep it sturdy to support our never-ending battle. Of course, that's only until Ragnarok *nudge*

Well! The fire is always hot, and the conversations can get interesting, though since you're at the forge we ask ye to keep yer minds on the swords, armor, and smithin’, though we don't mind hearin' about battles now and again. And as fer the peddlers, I'd appreciate it if you'd take yer advertisin' elsewhere. If ye be a smith, wanting to advertise yer work, then please contact me (deathsguise) and let me know so that I can approve of the bulletin.((Hint: This is a Rule))

As for the status on the forge, if there be anythin' you want to see done around here, you just let me (deathsguise) know about and I'll see what I can do.

I hope you enjoy yer stay here in the Forge of Valhalla, and remind ye to always be merry while here!