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well day two a FULL day of smithing from 9 am till 5 with an hour lunch was what I would call really succcessful.
The end of the day was spent in teh tavern that is in the living museum ( yes a real tavern.. ) and listening to the bilge rats sing really good sea shanties whilst teh turkey was deep fried..
a fine end to a great day ..

I met the master smith this morning and we started from the absoloute rock bottom basics on up to get back in shape and correct some bad "mechanics"
this was honestly the best learning day I think I have ever had !
This person is a fantastic teacher and a really good smith.

I dont know if it was the bellows or the 10 lb sledge work that I am feeling now .. lol

the flatter and a 10 lb sledge are my friends ..

goal project in january will be a new hammer one side forged into a dragon head .. ambitious, but interesting.
I want to capture the magic in a working hammer ..

ok someone asked me to email them .. hint.. and they didnt send me thier email address .. so go to my web site and send me an email from there
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