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Blacksmithing ?

Ive just joined the communtity so I throught I just tell you all a little about myself.
My names Moon
Im 20 years old
from se London.

I started last year on a access to Farriery course, thinking that I would want to be doing that because of my horsey background, but the decided from a few weeks in that Blacksmithing intrested me alot more, so I stayed and did the access to forgeing course at Brinsbry college (w.sussex)
Im now about to start at warwick to do a btec nationals in blacksmithing and metal work, due to start on the 8th of septemeber..

I was wondering if anybody could give me any advice to completeing my goal in a carrer.
and also asking how you guys got into Blacksmithing..

any replys would be really helpfull.

Moonshine x
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